Many ask me why I have chosen Dubai as a city in which to live and invest

My name is Andrea Vento, I am a Tour Operator and travel agent with 5 times around the world, 128 countries visited of which 20 times in the United Arab Emirates and I chose Dubai because I consider it the perfect city to live there, at least for 6 -8 months a year with my family. Here I deal with tourism and I dedicate myself to the investments of those who want to change their life or simply have one or more income in this wonderful place, buying properties or opening any business.

5Times around the world
128Countries visited

Why Dubai

In fact, it is very interesting to invest in Dubai for good rental yields, it is one of the metropolises with the lowest prices in the world that make it possible to revaluate the investment.
It is one of the safest cities in the world in terms of crime and it is one of the few where tourism and business at the highest levels are combined, as well as being an enlightened Sheikh who looks to the future.
It is the most westernized Arab city in the world with very diverse ethnic groups, who come from all over the world for business and investments and live in serenity by sharing business and life with everyone. Investing here is very interesting and is truly a unique opportunity in the world.
My job is not easy, you can do it well if you have passion, the requirements are to break away from the mentality of the Italian real estate agent and get into the head of the investor in Dubai, very interesting prerogatives. There is absolutely great investment security and the down payments are guaranteed by the Government of Dubai and this makes the investment absolutely peaceful.

My vision

A deep knowledge of the Dubai market, passion, believing in your business and offering it to your customers are required. The psychological component is important; I put myself in the shoes of the Italian entrepreneur, you have to identify yourself in the tastes, in the profiles of the individuals (often these are investors who have invested only in Italy) and the psychological component is fundamental, it is not just a cold real estate proposal, first you study the customer profile, then you enter the technical aspect.
The Dubai market has avant-garde types of properties and for many years it has been built with very advanced optional service criteria. Towers with swimming pools, game rooms for children, adults, cinemas, clubs, buildings that are like mini cities where you can find everything, from the hairdresser, to the pizzeria, from the restaurant, to the gym and spa, relaxation rooms, lounges in the common areas and it is a good living, which, combined with the high-level design and the many services that the city offers, makes the investment truly interesting.


The Italians who follow me have understood that I am a consultant they can trust and this is a source of great satisfaction for me, so much so that with many customers the professional relationship turns into friendship. A question they often ask me is “What kind of market is Dubai?”
It is a market similar to the rest of the world because the market rules are the same, where, on the one hand there is great demand with very fast sales (they invest in Dubai from all over the world), on the other hand it is totally different, because it is composed from multiple markets: there is the normal one, the top one in strategic areas, of high design, designed by archistars, made up of excellence and you have to be quick to buy, just as happens on the stock market, because the property a few days away can be gone.
The quality is very high, while for other types of properties in different neighborhoods the sales speed is clearly lower. We only deal with selecting properties with top features. It is these top properties, as a location and as a design, that have an edge and those at which point offering Italian customers objects with certain characteristics and certain investment opportunities over time that are very interesting. The most important sale we made concerns a large property for personal use, while the smallest investment involved a studio (studio flat) of 149,000 euros.
This is my business and I carry it out in a tailored way, my staff and I meet clients in meetings all over Italy or here in Dubai and for each one, based on their needs, I create the right “dress”.
When I went to Dubai for the first time, observing the large number of construction sites and agencies, an illumination came to me, I wondered why not to help the Italian investor in choosing the right property, avoiding him doing it yourself in the meanders of Real Estate. Dubai which, almost always without a good guide, can be economically very dangerous for the investor.
Write to me privately, I will be happy to explain our offers to you.

Find out how you can invest and earn through salesrentsinvestmentsannuities in Dubai

Dedicated consultant

You will have a dedicated and personalized consultancy to be able to satisfy all your needs

Innovative ideas

We will look for the best investment strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage through innovative ideas

Save time

Avoid wasting time and rely on those who have been working in this sector for years

Invest smart

Choose the best possible investment strategy in line with your budget

Rapid growth

Investing in Dubai means growing your business rapidly and exponentially.

Suitable for everyone

Anyone who decides to get involved, thanks to my investment strategy, will be able to compete on the market

Custom strategy

For each client, a strategy and a personalized and tailor-made investment plan will be created

Continuous support and assistance

Once the investment is complete, we will always be in contact, you will never be abandoned.

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